• Post Symposium Tour

  • Xishuangbanna

    As the only tropical rain forest nature reserve in China, the area has surprising biological diversity in the virgin forest, particularly because it is so far away from central China and considered isolated. In religion, it is greatly influenced by Hinayana Buddhism of Southeast Asia. The enticing white masonry structure, Manfeilong Buddhist Pagoda, is the quintessence of Hinayana Buddhist architecture.


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  • Lijiang and Shangri-La

    Lijiang is a beautifully preserved ancient Chinese town, infused with cultural flavor. Strolling along the 800-year-old bridges and waterways of the world-famous Old Town district is like stepping back in time. Don’t miss the views atop Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and the Dongba cultural center of Jade Water Village.

    Shangri-La is a mountain paradise, with dense forests, alpine lakes, grasslands, and gorges distributed among the meadows and plains. Shangri-La is also home to more than 20 ethnic groups, with the Tibetans comprising the majority of the population. It is a great place to experience the Tibetan lifestyle and religion, especially if you have no chance to visit Tibet.


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