• 9th | International Symposium on Primate Research

    “From Fundamental to Industrialization” --- Embryogenesis, organoids and disease models 

    Nature 2016

    Over the past two decades, the scientific and applicable scope of biomedical studies based on primates has expanded dramatically. Researches using primate animal models have been given intensive concern, especially those on stem cell biology, developmental biology, regenerative medicine, vaccine development, and disease modelling. In this great wave, China stands out as one of the most active and important contributors. The International Symposium on Primate Research (ISPR), which is one of the most important primate research conferences worldwide, is held in China since 2004, it has been held eight times and successfully closes the distance between primate researchers from China and overseas, as well as the distance among primate researches in different disciplines.

    The technologies in gene editing, organoid culture, single-cell sequencing, and omics analysis get a huge boost in recent years. These rapid technological advances speed up the research progress in various fields, including precision and regenerative medicine. At the same time, the global pandemic of COVID-19 also urges researchers to investigate complex human diseases using primate animal models. However, there are also problems arising, such as the scarcity of animal resources, the lack of high-level systematic research platforms, as well as ethical concerns. Thereafter, as biomedical researchers, we are facing both challenges and opportunities in the post-COVID era.

  • The State Key Laboratory of Primate Biomedical Research and the Institute of Primate Translational Medicine at Kunming University of Science and Technology are the organizers of ISPR, as well as the lead sponsor of the Chinese Primate Biomedical Research Alliance. In consistent with the national policy of innovation-driven development strategy, we have been committed to promoting primate research in China, and we have achieved many world-renowned achievements recently in stem cells, embryogenesis and cell therapy. With the theme of "From Fundamental to Industrialization", the 9th ISPR will focus on the frontier and consensus of primate research, including the following sessions.


    1) Embryogenesis and stem cell pluripotency

    2) Organogenesis

    3) Gene and cell therapy

    4) Primate disease models and biotechnology


    We sincerely invite scientists from all over the world to gather in Kunming this August, to discuss the future trends of primate research. We hope together we could deepen the fundamental research based on primates and facilitate the industrial transformation.



  • Organization


    Chinese Primate Biomedical Research Alliance



    State Key Laboratory of Primate Biomedical Research

    Institute of Primate Translational Medicine at Kunming University of Science and Technology

    Yunnan Key Laboratory of Primate Biomedical Research



    Yunnan Society for Stem Cell Research


    Academic Board  

    Gang PEI (Tongji University

    Weizhi JI (Kunming University of Science and Technology

    Qi ZHOU (Institute of Zoology, CAS

    Anming MENG (Tsinghua University

    Xiuwu BIAN (Third Military Medical University

    Zijiang CHEN (Shandong University

    Muming POO (Institute of Neuroscience, CAS

    Jiahao SHA (Nanjing Medical University

    Yufang SHI (Soochow University

    Bing SU (Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS

    Guanghui LIU (Institute of Zoology, CAS

    Xiaoqun WANG(Institute of Biophysics, CAS

    Yuyu NIU (Kunming University of Science and Technology

    Tianqing LI (Kunming University of Science and Technology


    Organizing committee

    Weizhi JI (chair)

    Yuyu NIU, Wei SI (vice chair)

    Lei ZHANG, Fucheng LUO, Lu ZHAO, Jingkuan WEI, Shaoxing DAI, Yongchang CHEN, Tianqing LI, Tao TAN, Xuebin QI, Xi LIN





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